Recent Projects

Recent Projects

High Q Technologies | Fathom

High Q Technologies developed the world’s first quantum-enabled EPR spectrometer, Fathom, in collaboration with SHEPPiD. The project aimed to transform a lab full of prototype equipment into a transportable fully integrated instrument while focusing on design, user experience, and brand alignment. Modifications were made to optimize size and ergonomics, enhancing user interaction. 

TOUCH Disc Golf product

TOUCH Disc Golf

The SHEPPiD in-house brand TOUCH Disc Golf aims to revolutionize the way disc golf enthusiasts store, organize, and display their disc collections. Founded on principles of sustainability, craftsmanship, and design, TOUCH Disc Golf introduces a sleek and sophisticated solution for disc storage and display that seamlessly integrates into home décor while offering effortless access to discs.

Scaled Replicas

As a value-added service, SHEPPiD offers scaled replicas to our clients for use as effective sales and marketing tools. We design and build replicas in multiple scales, the most common being 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:8 scale. These non-functional instruments help demonstrate the features, benefits and value of functional instruments without the full weight, size and electrical functions — and at a fraction of the price. Scaled replicas prove to be an absolute hit at tradeshows and on sales calls. 

MicroGEM® | Sal6830 COVID-19 Detector

MicroGEM’s Sal6830 SARS-CoV-2 Saliva Test provides the first-of-their-kind PCR-based saliva test for fast, simple, on-the-spot detection of COVID-19 infection not possible until now.

Together with the MicroGEM Sal6830 Point of Care PCR System , the Sal6830 saliva test gives people timely answers about their health status, allowing them to quickly return to regular activities or immediately isolate and get care.

SCIEX | Triple Quad™ 7500 System

This Triple-Quad Mass Spectrometer sets the bar for sensitivity in mass analyzers. This flagship instrument is the king of the SCIEX Triple-Quad Mass Spectrometer family of products.

SCIEX | BioPhase™ 8800 System

The SCIEX BioPhase 8800 is a multi-capillary electrophoresis system that enables biopharma scientists to run multiple samples in parallel, accelerating the development and execution of sensitive, high-throughput analytical methods. The increased throughput and reproducibility of the system minimizes bottlenecks in the drug development pipeline, helping shorten time to market.

SCIEX | Echo MS™ System

This Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) system delivers speed, scale and unyielding data quality to high-throughput screening laboratories working with complex biology. Combining industry leading quantitative MS-based detection from SCIEX with ultra-fast, contactless sampling capabilities, the Echo Mass Spectrometer system can help redefine current and future high-throughput workflows.

FOX40® | Electronic Whistle

Producing 120 dB of software-defined sound power with the push of a button, the Fox 40 Rechargeable Electronic Whistle acts as a hygienic alternative to the traditionally operated whistle, and is easily rechargeable for long-lasting performance.


The SHEPPiD in-house brand GNARWALL™ offers a range of storage solutions including surfboard, snowboard and skateboard wall hangers, racks and organizers, bike wall hangers, wetsuit dry racks and wetsuit hangers. These products are designed to efficiently utilize wall space while providing a visually appealing display for boards and gear. 


A Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator for training percutaneous access procedures performed under real-time fluoroscopy.


A state-of-the-art robotic surgical system used to perform precise procedures from a distance. The device provides a virtual extension of the surgeon’s hands through robotic instruments with haptic feedback, motion refinement and intricate dexterity, for minimally invasive neurosurgery never before possible.


The ability to move a CT scanner between two adjacent imaging rooms was a major innovation in medical imaging with respect to patient throughput. This makes the IMRIS VISIUS iCT two times more efficient than a conventional stationary CT scanner.