PARS® H&E System

illumiSonics | PARS® H&E System

Transformative Imaging Device for Life Science Research, Digital Pathology and Fresh Tissue Diagnostics

Project Brief:

illumiSonics’ proprietary PARS (Photon Absorption Remote Sensing) technology produces histology on fresh tissue faster and with fewer steps than standard frozen sections, without the need for traditional staining. This design project aims to create a compact, portable version of the PARS system, ensuring it is ergonomically acceptable for users whether they are standing or sitting. This initiative places a strong emphasis on user-friendly design from the outset, guaranteeing that the final product will be both technologically advanced and intuitive for users.

Project responsibilities:
SHEPPiD is tasked with optimizing component layouts, crafting an ergonomic exterior suitable for both standing and seated use, while enhancing user interaction through intuitive design. This project encompasses developing a design language that aligns with illumiSonics’ brand, testing ergonomics with full-size low fidelity mockups, and proposing a virtual user interface prototype. The project has been put on hold as illumisonics has chosen to pivot their core technology in a different direction.
Major Value Proposition:
SHEPPiD enhanced illumiSonics’ PARS technology by designing a compact, ergonomic device suitable for both standing and seated use. They optimized the user experience with full-size mockups to ensure that key interaction points, like touch screens and sample loading areas, were ideally positioned. Aligning seamlessly with illumiSonics’ brand, SHEPPiD integrated user experience, exterior design, and engineering. They employed both full-size and virtual mockups for comprehensive testing, ensuring practical and user-friendly interactions, resulting in a market-ready product.
Features and benefits to the user:
  • Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency:
    Ergonomic design for comfortable use whether standing or sitting.
  • Intuitive Interface:
    User-friendly touch screen and sample loading positions.
  • Brand Consistency:
    Design language that aligns with the illumiSonics brand for a cohesive user perception.
  • Ongoing Improvements:
    Continuous development ensures the product evolves to meet user needs effectively.

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