About Us

About Us

Our Story

SHEPP Industrial Design is a Toronto-based product design, engineering and manufacturing consultancy led by Director Adam Shepperdley. We provide innovative companies research, design, development and manufacturing expertise to establish, maintain and evolve their product lines.

We specialize in high-tech, med-tech, safety, consumer and electronic devices, with a focus on the development of products that create a positive impact and make the world a better place.

With a proven track record of successful product launches, we provide responsive, flexible and tailored collaboration solutions to enable our clients to efficiently bring quality products to life.

Beyond technically challenging designs, clients enlist SHEPPiD for strategies to develop entire product line architecture. Product families, common platforms and modular designs help our clients stay competitive by reducing costs and advancing consistency along the entire value chain of a company.

Our design philosophy is simple: form follows function. Good design makes a product easy to use. That’s why human-centered experience, user workflow and ergonomics are the baseline of all SHEPPiD design, product development and engineering services.

Our team is dedicated to exceptional client service, ensuring we fully understand and incorporate your business goals into every stage of the design process.

Product Design Director Adam Shepperdley

Our Team

Meet our small and focused group of design professionals. We are eager and ready to tackle your next design and development project.

Our Mission

To seamlessly integrate with our clients, acting as their in-house design department, working with extreme focus on the user needs, workflow and experience to build, maintain and evolve their product lines.

Product design professional team at SHEPPiD

Our Vision

To design market-leading products in collaboration with our clients that help make the world a better place.

Client Testimonials

“While we initially contracted SHEPPiD for industrial design, they became an integral part of our development program as we brought to market the world's first saliva-based Point of Care PCR system from concept to commercialized product in less than two years. We found the SHEPPiD team to be creative, innovative and highly customer focused and worked with us seamlessly as though they were part of our organization. This is a talented team that works at the cutting edge of industrial design and delivered stellar results on spec, on time and on cost.”
Jeff D Chapman
President & Chief Executive Officer, MicroGEM®
“Working with SHEPP Industrial Design has been a pleasure from both a business and personal aspect. SHEPPiD’s ability to design top products and see it through from the development stage to production like it was their own product is seconded to none. SHEPPiD delivers high quality work which is why we at Fox 40 chose to work closely with them. SHEPPiD has developed multiple products for Fox 40 with several more in the development stages currently. Adam and his team routinely go above and beyond to deliver the best product possible. We recommend SHEPPiD to anyone looking for top quality designers and we are looking forward to working with them moving forward.”
JD Foxcroft
Director of E-Commerce & Innovation, Fox 40 International Inc.
“SHEPP Industrial Design adds significant value to our organization, providing creative solutions to complex problems. They engage in timely and open conversations, asking probing questions to discover our true needs, minimizing costly re-work and wasted time. They take a hands-on approach to support us from initial concepts, to prototypes, to final commercialized design. They work with us to balance our business needs and engineering requirements, while maintaining product aesthetics and usability for our Customers. They have helped us over the years to create an entire branded look across several diversified platforms, and continue to provide valuable insight to help define our ID strategy going forward.”
JP Morson
Sr. Manager, User Experience, SCIEX™

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