FOX40® E-Whistle

Project Brief:
Fox 40 International Inc. — the company synonymous with inventing, innovating, and producing the most trusted whistles in the world — engaged SHEPPiD to design and develop its next-generation electronic whistle. The product requirements were specific: it needed to mimic the sound of the Classic Whistle (the gold standard in sports) and produce a minimum volume of 120dB; it had to be water-resistant and rechargeable via USB connection; and they wanted an ergonomic, visually pleasing and high-quality product design. Lastly, it had to be Made in Canada at a price that the market could bare. 
Project responsibilities:
Full product development from initial concept to serial production launch, including but not limited to concept design, industrial design, design strategy, research and development, product development, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hardware and software, prototyping, design for manufacturing, verification and validation, user experience, ergonomics, testing, TUV safety testing, compliance, supply chain management, serial production, sales and marketing images and renderings and more.
Major Value Proposition:
The major value SHEPPiD demonstrated was the ability to execute a very technical project all the way from the initial idea through to a successful product launch. Fox40 relied on SHEPPiD to drive the project and fully manage all aspects. The result is the professional-grade Fox 40 Rechargeable Electronic Whistle, the new gold standard in sports. The best-in-class electronic whistle is now being adopted by professional and amateur sports leagues alike, along with transportation and marine safety, schools, and more organizations that demand safe, hygienic, and high-quality products.
Features and benefits to the user:
  • Humanized ergonomic design, which is comfortable to hold, non-slip and durable
  • Water-resistant for icy arenas and wet days on the field
  • 120dB of sound similar to the Fox40 Classic Whistle
  • USB rechargeable with a battery-level indicator for convenience
  • Drop-tested twin-shot enclosures for impact-resistant performance
  • A durable lanyard loop keeps it handy
  • Elegant and timeless design for professionals
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