Echo® MS system

Video courtesy of SCIEX™

SCIEX® Echo MS System

Project Brief:
SCIEX engaged SHEPPiD to develop the new Echo MS System for automating high throughput Mass Spectrometer workflow. This Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) system delivers speed, scale, and unyielding data quality to high-throughput screening laboratories working with complex biology. Combining industry-leading quantitative MS-based detection from SCIEX with ultra-fast, contactless sampling capabilities, the Echo MS system can help redefine current and future high-throughput workflows.
Project responsibilities:
Cutting-edge Industrial Design of this new platform, incorporating the new and improved SCIEX brand aesthetic developed by SHEPPiD. Initial concept generation all the way to final DFM for all external enclosures and user-facing components.
Major Value Proposition:
The major value SHEPPiD demonstrated was the ability to execute this project on time and on a budget from the ground up working seamlessly with SCIEX’s global internal and external resources.
Features and benefits to the user:
  • This Automation-Centric design enables the automation of a previously repetitive manual workflow
  • Emergency stop button located out the robotic arm swing path for easy user access and safety
  • Automated pipette tray is loaded and unloaded by a robot with extreme speed and accuracy
  • The hinged front panel easily opens for quick service with the use of 1 tool
  • All outer enclosures have been designed to be independently removable for ease of service
  • Elegant yet Futuristic Industrial Design – Adhering to the SCIEX congruent brand design which appeals to scientific professionals
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