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The world’s first quantum-enabled EPR spectrometer

Project Brief:
High Q Technologies (HQT), a pioneer in quantum technologies, embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. The challenge was to transform their existing array of prototype equipment into a single, transportable yet powerful instrument named Fathom – marking it as the world’s first quantum-enabled EPR spectrometer.
Project responsibilities:
SHEPPiD was entrusted with the task of transforming HQT’s existing system, comprising a series of prototype equipment in a lab, into a single, fully integrated transportable instrument. SHEPPiD’s role primarily focused on the exterior and enclosure design, driven by enhancing user experience and user workflow while aligning with HQT’s brand identity.
Collaborating closely with HQT, SHEPPiD defined a design language that aligns with the HQT brand. SHEPPiD’s designers and HQT’s engineers collaborated to craft an optimal solution that seamlessly integrates user experience, exterior design, branding, engineering, and transportation features.
Both HQT and SHEPPiD teams identified opportunities to minimize the instrument’s size, leading to enhanced user experience. For instance, strategic alterations in the design allowed the interactive screen to be repositioned, reducing the instrument’s footprint while notably enhancing ergonomics. Ergonomics were evaluated by SHEPPiD through full-size mockups.
Major Value Proposition:
SHEPPiD’s project work adds value by not only transforming HQT’s technology into a transportable unit but also by prioritizing user experience, brand consistency, efficient engineering solutions, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance throughout the design and development process.
SHEPPiD’s extensive design expertise significantly influenced crucial engineering choices, enhancing quality and cutting costs for both prototype and mass-produced units. Collaborating with HQT, our manufacturer and paint supplier, SHEPPiD successfully attained the specified color, material and finish, meeting all regulatory requirements.
Features and benefits to the user:
  • Compact and Transportable:
    Fathom’s sophisticated redesign has made it significantly smaller and ergonomic, ensuring that it fits seamlessly in any lab environment.
  • High Throughput:
    With enhanced sensitivity and speed, Fathom enables more experiments to be conducted in less time, accelerating the pace of research and discovery.
  • Intuitive Interface:
    The intuitive interface simplifies the operation, making complex measurements accessible to a broader range of users.
  • Cost-Effective Operation:
    By reducing acquisition times and streamlining the operation process, Fathom offers a cost-effective solution for advanced scientific research.
  • Brand Alignment:
    Fathom’s design not only reflects HQT’s commitment to innovation but also reinforces the company’s reputation as a leader in the field of quantum technologies.

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