7500 System

Video courtesy of SCIEX™

SCIEX® | Triple-Quad 7500 System

Project Brief:
Excitement was high when we were asked by SCIEX to redesign their top-selling flagship product, the 7500 System. This Triple-Quad Mass Spectrometer sets the bar for sensitivity in mass analyzers. The project brief was simple: devise a user-friendly industrial design with an intuitive user experience and give it styling fit for the king of the SCIEX Triple-Quad Mass Spectrometer family of products. We worked in lockstep with our client’s development team to make sure the product exceeded all design requirements and passed all UX studies, regulations and safety testing.
Project responsibilities:
Major responsibilities included industrial design, concept development, design refinement, supplying full-scale prototypes, iterations of development, ensuring a pass on all design requirements and safety regulations, design for manufacturing of all enclosures, user workflow and user experience.
Major Value Proposition:
The major value proposition with this project was exceeding the expectations of our clients. The key stakeholders at SCIEX didn’t think we could do much with the redesign. After presenting our first round of concepts, they were absolutely blown away with our ideas. We led them toward this concept direction, which has now been on the market for a few years with outstanding reviews from their clients.
Features and benefits to the user:
  • User-centric design and aesthetics that enable user workflow to be simple and intuitive
  • Indicator panels, branding and nameplate consistent with all other SCIEX products for user consistency
  • A blend of molded plastic and sheet metal parts to keep cost of enclosures to a minimum
  • Hinged front panel easily opens for quick service with the use of a single tool
  • Elegant and timeless look and feel, congruent with SCIEX brand design that appeals to scientific professionals
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