BioPhase 8800​

Video courtesy of SCIEX™

SCIEX® BioPhase 8800 System

Project Brief:
SCIEX engaged SHEPPiD once again to develop the new BioPhase 8800 platform for capillary electrophoresis. The machine enables biopharma scientists to run multiple samples in parallel, accelerating the development and execution of sensitive, high-throughput analytical methods. The increased throughput and reproducibility of the system minimize bottlenecks in the drug development pipeline, helping shorten the time to market.
Project responsibilities:
The cutting-edge industrial design of this new and exciting platform incorporates an improved and enhanced SCIEX brand aesthetic developed by SHEPPiD. The scope included initial concept generation all the way to final Design for Manufacturing for all external enclosures and user-facing components.
Major Value Proposition:
The major value SHEPPiD demonstrated was the ability to execute this project on time and on a budget from the ground up, working seamlessly with SCIEX’s internal and external resources.
Features and benefits to the user:
  • User-centric design and aesthetics that enable user workflow to be simple, easy, and intuitive
  • Sliding screen that conceals the cartridge input area and locks out light and other contaminants when in use
  • Automated tray input area features a sliding door to lock out light and other contaminants when in use
  • Hinged front panel easily opens for quick service with the use of a single tool
  • Elegant and timeless look and feel, congruent with SCIEX brand design and appeals to scientific professionals
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