Project Brief:
The SHEPPiD in-house brand GNARWALL™ offers a range of storage and display solutions including surfboard, snowboard and skateboard wall hangers, racks and organizers, bike wall hangers, wetsuit dry racks and wetsuit hangers. These products are designed to efficiently utilize wall space while providing a visually appealing display for boards, gear and accessories. The core philosophy behind GNARWALL products is the fusion of form and function, offering users an artful yet practical storage solution.
Project responsibilities:
SHEPPiD was responsible for the idea conception, design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, sales, marketing and distribution of the entire product. This is a completely in-house and turnkey product line, designed and manufactured for the most part in Canada.
Major Value Proposition:
GNARWALL offers aesthetically pleasing storage solutions designed to elevate any space with their artful design. Committed to environmental responsibility, GNARWALL products are crafted from recyclable materials such as ABS plastic and sustainably sourced Birch Plywood. Users can trust in the durability of GNARWALL products, constructed with high-quality materials like stainless steel screws and reinforced plywood. By seamlessly blending form and function, GNARWALL provides users with an eco-conscious storage solution that adds both visual appeal and practicality to their surroundings. 
Features and benefits to the user:
  • Organized Storage: GNARWALL products offer a practical solution for organizing surfboards, snowboards, and other sporting gear, minimizing clutter and maximizing space efficiency.
  • Visual Display: The minimalist design of GNARWALL products allows users to showcase their boards as decorative pieces, adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to any room.
  • Easy Installation: With a focus on user convenience, GNARWALL products are designed for easy installation, utilizing custom screws, mounts and hooks with a simple mounting system.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: GNARWALL products are made from recyclable ABS plastic and sustainably sourced Birch Plywood, offering users an environmentally friendly storage solution.
  • Long-lasting Performance: The use of high-quality materials ensures the durability and longevity of GNARWALL products, providing users with a reliable storage solution for years to come.

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GNARWALL™ | Drip Dry Rack-V2

The Drip Dry Rack (DDR-V2 for short) is a flagship product sold under the SHEPPiD in-house brand GNARWALL. This family of products focuses on the organization and display of surfboards and surfboard accessories. The Drip Dry Rack in particular addresses the need of users to dry cold water surfing gear after being out on the water during a surf session.